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Production Programme

  • Switchboards for cooling and freezing boxes
  • Power distribution switchboards for technological equipment
  • Switchboards for control of condensers and dry coolers
  • Switchboards for backup sources switching
  • Compensating switchboards

RCHU 1 and 3 switchboards

These switchboards to serve for the control of technologies used at cooling and freezing boxes, at manufacturing rooms, ware-houses and air-conditioning systems. RCHU switchboards 1 and 3 are made up to the rated current 25A. Over more than 25A the type of switchboards RH is applied.

Later this type was further completed with switchboards to control of cooling-down and freezing (shock cooling and freezing).

Generally, the RCHU switchboards are assembled at plastic distribution boxes with protection rating IP 54-65, minimally.

All this type switchboards have grommets for connection cables easily into the switchboard. To make the process of connection to the supply system as “clear and clean” as possible, the switchboards are equipped with terminals for connecting conductors of corresponding cross-sections.

The standard switchboards are equipped with circuit breakers to protect an electrical circuit from damage by overload or short circuit current 10 kA. All RCHU switchboards are variable. The circuit breakers of single networks are chosen according to the concrete load to ensure a safety disconnection in case of a short circuit and a protection of the electric consumers against an overload.

Microprocessor-controlled regulators of reputable producers are a part of these switchboards for control the process of cooling and freezing.

The regulation is set according to the customer´s individual request.

For process control of cooling and freezing these switchboards can be also equipped with the internal print unit.

All RCHU switchboards can be used at the central cooling systems and can be assembled with a data collection. In such case, the customer has on the PC a complete overview about temperatures, operations and accidents on separate devices.

The main advantages of the microprocessor-control are the following: switching-off with an exact temperature, automatic defrosting with the preset number of defrosting cycles during 24 hours with the closing temperature, alarm possibility, eventually alarm notification to an external facility. Other advantages are fully automatic function and unmanned operation.

RH distribution switchboards

Another type of switchboards produced by Gastroklim is distribution and control RH switchboards. Usually, there are used steel/plate boxes equipped with protective and switching elements to distribute the electric energy into technologies. These switchboards are manufactured into the rated current 250A of the main power switch. They can be placed especially in production and building technologies as power panel for measurement and control systems. This type of the switchboards for cooling plants control is equipped with Danfoss ADAP COOL regulators. These systems are generally used at cooling and air-conditioning systems with the electronic refrigerant expansion and also for the control of cooling technologies with the current input over 25A.

Protective and switching elements at these switchboards are chosen and used according to relevant standarts to ensure the safety of the staff and of devices as well.

RSCH - switchboards for condensators and dry coolers control

This type of switchboards is divided into two groups. The first one consists of small switchboards for control of condensator and dry cooler fans.

RSCH switchboards are used as a single switchboard equipped with protective and switching elements including the microprocessor control, or as a modular system of distribution boards. In this case one switchboard is used as the control unit and all power parts are into separate switchboards. This system can be applied as a complex; splitting into power and control parts is possible too.

The control part can be located in the machine room or in the control room. The power part can be located directly on the cooler. Microprocessor control ensures the accurate motors switching to keep delays between switching-on and switching-off according to the producer´s specification. The cooler temperature is thus also controlled. A signal of the thermal transmitter located on a tube or a signal of the transmitter placed in the thermowell of the dry coolers (filled-in with water or with anti freeze fluid) can be used for the control.

We can use a pressure convertor in cooling and air-conditioning technics at devices filled-in with a regulated substance or with F-gas (refrigerant).

In case of need, in large air-conditioning systems with FREE COOLING system it is possible to use the last regulation step for sprinkling line-up (water spray into the air in the space of a fan induction).

Other types of RSCH switchboards are destined for a special application as are buildings cooling central systems using many dry coolers or many cooling water circuits.

RZ – control switchboards for switching of the electrical sources

New group of switchboards for control of switching of the electrical sources. These switchboards are mostly delivered as a complex with a back-up power supply.

RZ switchboards serve as control of switching sources for devices which may not be switched-off by reason of possible considerable damages within the drop-out or a long time of recovery. RZ switchboards can be used for server rooms, telephone central, IT, ventilations and for another technologies e.g. for plastic products Machines.

RZ switchboard is equipped with microcontroller for switching on a back-up power supply without the voltage depression. As back-up power supply the UPS or an electric generator can be used.

RZ switchboards are completed with electric centrals with a gasoline or Diesel engines, resp. with NG or LPG engines.

RKP switchboards

Types of switchboards manufactured by our company also involve compensatory switchboards to neutralize a blind power of technologies. This type of switchboards is placed in cooling and freezing rooms. That means in such spaces where compressors motor power regulation is used and thus an excessive shift of power factor appears.

All our switchboards can be supplied with GSM modem or Ethernet interface application for easy control and possibility of the data reports through the internet.

This system brings a considerable usable comfort, an overview of the device status and it allows the communication with a service organization. Real-time alarming in case of a drop-out or failure makes possible a quick service mission.

To keep the high quality and comfort during manufacturing our products we use first-rate components, we ensure regular controls of the quality and completeness as well. All our types are certificated according to the actual standarts (ČSN EN 60439) in The Electrotechnical Testing Institute and they meet all terms of the Law No. 22/1977 sb. – the product launch.