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Einhell air-conditioner installation request

If you are interested in having your Einhell air-conditioner installed by our technician, please fill in this form. We will contact you in a few days with our offer and arrange the date and other details.

Note:All hereby stated prices are for your information only and do not include VAT. To request a quote, please fill in the form.

Basic information

Note: If the outside unit is placed higher than 2.5 m the customer is required to arrange for an easy access (e.g. scaffolding).

 meters (CZK 100/m)
 meters (CZK 650/m, over 4m length)
Wall breakthroughs
(CZK 500 each)
(CZK 800 each)
Where do you want the air-conditioner to be installed?

Transporation costs: Prague CZK 550, otherwise CZK 12/1 km up to 200 km, CZK 10/1 km over 200 km.

How can we contact you?

Enter a valid email address so we can contact you.